ADA Paratransit Service

ADA Paratransit service is the door-to-door shared ride transportation for passengers who meet ADA eligibility requirements established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is offered to those individuals whose disability prevents him or her from using CCRTA's accessible fixed route buses.

Passengers must be able to meet the driver at street level. The driver cannot move you or your mobility device up or down stairs.

Who is eligible to use this service?

ADA paratransit service eligibility is strictly limited to three categories of individuals:

  1. Any individual with a disability who is unable, as the result of a physical or mental impairment (including a vision impairment), and without the assistance of another individual (except the operator of a wheelchair lift or other boarding assistance device), to board, ride or disembark from any vehicle on the system which is readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.
  2. In addition to individuals with physical disabilities that prevent them from using the fixed route, this right is also granted to people with mental, cognitive, and visual impairments who cannot recognize destinations, understand bus transfers, or distinguish between different buses on different routes at terminals and/or while en route.
  3. Any individual with a disability who could ride an accessible vehicle but the route is not accessible or the lift does not meet ADA standards.

It is important to understand that ADA eligibility does not replace the Access Pass on the fixed route buses or on the DART bus, but is an additional service available to those who qualify.

What do I do?

Individuals who feel that they are eligible for ADA service must complete an application. You can download the ADA Application and guidelines provided below. Alternate format, large print, Braille, etc. available upon request.

Where can I go?

Once notified of your eligibility CCRTA ADA Paratransit service will allow you to travel anywhere within mile of fixed route bus services. Both origin and destination must be within this mile corridor. Your trip may be for any purpose-medical and other appointments, shopping, social activities, higher education, or to visit a friend, etc.

How Does it Work?

  1. Call the Operations Center at least the day before the trip is needed at 508-385-1430 or 800-352-7155 or TTY 508-385-4163.
  2. Have your trip information ready when you call and give the Customer Service Representative the addresses for pick-up and drop-off and requested travel times.
  3. Reservations are taken Monday through Sunday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

ADA Paratransit Guidelines

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), complementary paratransit service is provided for trip origins and destinations that fall within a mile corridor of the fixed bus route service.

When you call to make your reservation for a trip, the Customer Service Representative will confirm that we are going to be able to provide that trip for you. But, because our schedule is affected by traffic and the promptness of other passengers, it is difficult for us to predict an exact time. Please be prepared for the vehicle to pick you up between fifteen (15) minutes prior to, and fifteen (15) minutes after, your scheduled pick-up time.

Your Personal Care Attendant (PCA) may accompany you on any ADA trip free of charge. When applying for ADA eligibility please indicated that you will have a PCA. You and your PCA must have the same origin and destination.

You may also bring a companion who will be charged the same fare as you. You and your companion must have the same origin and destination.

Tell the Customer Service Representative that you will be accompanied by a companion and/or a PCA at the same time you call to make your reservation.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a trip, you must call prior to 5:00PM the day before. If you fail to cancel a requested trip with a two-hour notice of your pick up time, you will be considered a “no-show”. Please read our No-Show policy so you are aware of your responsibilities under it.

Statewide Access/ADA Pass

Statewide Access Passes are issued by CCRTA to ADA eligible customers with a permanent or temporary disability. The photo ID entitles the bearer to a reduced fare on CCRTA's fixed-route buses and all public fixed-route buses and MBTA trains in Massachusetts.

ADA Paratransit Fares

A one-way ADA paratransit rider is double the comparable fixed route fare. A Customer Service Representative will assist you with the proper fare when you call for a reservation.

Personal Care Attendant fare is free. Companion fare is double the comparable fixed route fare.

CCRTA Paratransit Ride Passes

Pay at the time you board the bus with either cash or multi-ride passes. Please note that drivers cannot make change so traveling with the exact fare is advisable. Multi-ride passes are available for purchase from the CCRTA Administrative offices.

CCRTA drivers are trained in vehicle operation, customer assistance, CPR, and first aid to better address the needs of our customers. Drivers will handle a limited number of packages, or equipment. It is suggested that you bring only what you, or someone traveling with you, can safely carry on and off the vehicle. The driver will assist with the boarding and disembarking from the vehicle. The driver will also assist a wheelchair occupant into a seat if required.

Download the ADA Complementary Paratransit Service Application above or call 508.775.8504 ext. 200.

Service Hours

ADA service hours vary by town and time of year. Please call and speak to a Customer Service Representative who will advise you of the hours of operation in each town.

Comments and Suggestions

CCRTA welcomes questions and concerns regarding ADA paratransit service at the consumer Advisory Committee meetings. To address questions or concerns over the telephone, please call CCRTA at 508-385-1430; TTY 800-439-0183; Toll Free 800-352-7155.

  • CCRTA ADA Complaint Form
  • CCRTA ADA Complaint Form in Portuguese
  • CCRTA ADA Complaint Form - LARGE PRINT