Audio Transcript for Mary Richardson Flex Video:

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VO: Welcome to the Flex!

The Flex Bus is an exciting, innovative service of the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority. It follows a regular route between Harwich and Provincetown, but also “flexes” off its route to serve riders up to three-quarters of a mile away.

(Mary On Camera)

OC: Hello, I'm Mary Richardson from Channel 5's Chronicle program. Right now we're going to take you along on a journey of the “highways and byways” of Lower & Outer Cape Cod, Flex-style!

OC: On this video, you're going to learn about the Flex Bus…how to ride it, where to catch it and what makes it so special. You'll also hear from some friends of Flex who use it regularly. They'll explain how easy and fun it is to use!

OC: Ready to learn a little more? Let's see just where the Flex Bus goes….



VO: This is where the Flex Bus gets its name. It was designed to be a convenient way for people who live off the main route to travel around the Lower & Outer Cape, from retirees going shopping, students visiting friends or getting together at popular meeting spots, or commuters looking to save gas while getting to work. The Flex was designed to be a safe, easy and convenient way to get around, to be kind to the environment and easy on your wallet.

(Mary On Camera)

OC: Making your way to a popular landmark like the Cape Cod National Seashore's Visitor's Center in Eastham is just one of the many great reasons to ride the Flex! You can “Flex” your way to most Main Streets, great beaches, and stops along the Cape Cod Rail Trail! I'm going to enjoy a walk along the beautiful Nauset Bike Trail….a disabled-accessible trail that meanders through the park to Coast Guard Beach. By the way, keep in mind all RTA buses are accessible to people with disabilities.

VO: In fact, whether you're a young person on the go, or a family spending time together, the Flex will get you where you're going in comfort and with ease. Buses serve all major destinations and have bike racks - so you can bring yours along. Try Flex when it makes sense to leave your car behind. Using Flex means less traffic on the Cape plus you'll save money on gas AND parking. Or, If you're headed for the Mid-Cape, connect with the RTA's bus to Hyannis either in Orleans or Harwich Port.

(Mary On Camera)

OC: In fact, it's entirely possible for visitors to travel to Provincetown for a getaway without ever getting in the car! You can fly or take a coach or fast ferry to the outer tip of Cape Cod, get to the beach on The RTA's Shuttle, bike from the Flex to catch a beautiful Rock Harbor sunset…and ride the Flex back to Provincetown! It's fun and that easy! I'll tell you more about Flex fares and how to make off-route reservations at the end of this video.

VO: Importantly, you'll help to reduce your carbon footprint and keep Cape Cod's air clean and healthful. The Flex is friendly to the environment because it uses clean-burning biodiesel fuel and carries people more miles with less energy.

Flex drivers are very professional and friendly. They'll explain the routes, the fares and answer your other questions. You'll never get lost. They'll help you ENJOY your ride whether you're young…or young-at-heart…and get you to your destination safely.

You can be assured that your security and safety are paramount on The Flex. With satellite tracking and constant radio communications, Flex drivers will look after your youngsters and other loved ones, no matter the time of day, weather or traffic.

(Mary On Camera SUB-Segment1 - Youth)

Who rides The Flex? Well, anyone and everyone can ride, but we know that kids especially those who don't yet have a license really love to ride The Flex. It gives them independence to be mobile and the chance to travel around and be with friends. It's a safe and inexpensive transit alternative to Mom & Dad's shuttle and more fun too!

(Mary On Camera SUB-Segment2 Workforce Commuters)

Who rides The Flex? Well, anyone and everyone can ride, but we know that commuters look to The Flex as an affordable alternative to driving to and from work everyday. They're not spending on gas, saving real money by using a multi-ride pass and, in some cases, getting a tax break from their employers for using public transportation.

(Mary On Camera SUB-Segment3 Seniors/Retirees)

Who rides The Flex? Well, anyone and everyone can ride, but we know that retirees are taking advantage of the low cost of public transportation! They ride for half-fare! They can shop, dine out and spend quality time with friends without having to drive in traffic or at night. Not only does Flex save on gas, it takes away the trouble and expense of maintaining a vehicle on a fixed income. For those with physical disabilities, Flex opens the door to mobility and independence because all RTA buses are fully accessible.

VO: To find out how YOU can ride The Flex Bus please go online to Cape Cod R.T.A. dot org or call 800-352-7155 for the latest schedules. Fares are JUST two dollars per ride. Those sixty and older - and disabled people - pay just one dollar per ride. Simply double your fare if you want the Flex Bus to come off-route to pick you up or drop you off. And find out online about inexpensive day and frequent rider passes, and transfers in Orleans to the RTA's Hyannis bus.

(Mary On Camera)

Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about year-round public transportation service on the Flex Bus. As you consider making your way around Lower & Outer Cape Cod, I encourage you to become a friend of The Flex and take an easy and a safe bus ride whenever you travel. Save yourself money and feel good about doing your part for the fragile environment and ecology of Cape Cod. I'm Mary Richardson, thanks for watching!