Riding the CCRTA


All CCRTA buses are accessible to people who use wheelchairs and scooters and others with limited mobility and are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Drivers will assist passengers and secure mobility aids. Non-wheelchair passengers may request to use a ramp or lift if they are unable to use the stairs.

CCRTA provides interpretation and/or language assistance for our services to customers at no cost. Call 800-352-7155.

Bike Policy

Loading Instructions

  1. The Passenger is required to remove all items from the bike that may fall off during the trip on the bike rack.
  2. The bus Operator is responsible for lowering the bike rack.
  3. The passenger is required to lift the bike onto the rails and place the bike where indicated.
  4. The passenger is required to pull the telescoping hook up and over the front wheel of the bicycle.

Unloading Instructions

  1. The passenger is required to pull the telescoping hook down and remove the bike from the rack.
  2. The bus Operator is responsible for raising the rack back to its original position.

The bus Operator can offer instruction regarding procedures', but is not permitted to physically assist in the loading, securement, or the unloading of the bicycle.

Bicycle Requirements

  1. Only single seat two- wheel bicycles will fit on the bike racks.
  2. No bike may be longer than sixty inches or have wheels taller than thirty inches. The bike rack is not equipped to handle either undersized or oversized bikes.
  3. The CCRTA and associated personnel are not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to any bicycle or related equipment while on the CCRTA vehicles.

There is limited bike space available.

Inquiry's regarding this policy may be addressed by calling the CCRTA at 1-800-352-7155.

Click here to download a PDF file on Bicycle Safety Training.


Pets: service animals are welcome, but pets are not allowed unless in a secure carrier.

Rules for Riding the CCRTA Buses

All passengers expect to be treated in a respectful manner. If you see a violation of the code of conduct, please notify the bus driver immediately. The driver will contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and the offending person will be removed from the bus.
  1. Follow the bus driver's instructions.
  2. No lewd or lascivious behavior.
  3. No eating.
  4. No drinking.
  5. No smoking.
  6. No vandalism. In the case of vandalism by a minor, parents will be held financially liable.
  7. No harassing.
  8. No foul play.
  9. No profanity.
  10. No fighting.
  11. No hazing.
  12. Voices shall be kept to a low volume.
  13. Boarding and disembarking shall be conducted in an orderly fashion.
  14. Seats shall be relinquished to handicapped and wheelchair patrons.
  15. All hands, feet, arms, legs, and heads shall remain inside the vehicle and within the owners personal space.
  16. Use of radios, CD players, tape decks, etc. without headphones is prohibited.
  17. Service Animals are allowed on CCRTA buses during all hours of operation and are to be kept under control at all times. No certification is required, nor is the animal expected to wear a special harness, scarf or other identifying marking.
  18. Appropriate attire is required while riding on CCRTA buses.
  19. Any behavior not listed above that is considered inappropriate will not be tolerated.
  20. On our fixed route buses, children brought on board in strollers must be securely held in the lap of the adult and the stroller folded and stored out of the aisle.
  21. Please click here for No-Show Policy.

Any violations of the above rules must be reported to the bus driver. Failure to comply with the above set of rules will result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension of rider privileges.


No eating or drinking is allowed on the CCRTA buses.

Making Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations for passengers who request them may be used unless CCRTA demonstrates that the making of the modification would fundamentally alter the nature of the service, program or activity. For example, CCRTA has a no eating or drinking on the bus policy, however the modification in the policy would allow an individual who has a medical condition who needs to eat on a particular schedule. Customers requesting an accommodation should notify CCRTA in advance whenever possible but in the event that a decision is needed immediately, they should request from the driver an accommodation who will obtain guidance from a dispatcher or Supervisor when necessary.

Lost and Found

If you left personal property on a CCRTA bus, please call 508.385.1430 ext. 116. All passenger Lost and Found items will be held in our South Dennis Office, 40 American Way, South Dennis, MA 02660 for 30 days before disposal. Lost and Found service is available Monday through Saturday from 8:00 to 4:00 PM.